DXX-Redux is a source port of Descent 1 and Descent 2, based on DXX-Retro. It features an observer mode used in The Observatory tournament.
Download D1X-Redux v1.0 Download D2X-Redux v1.0
Released on . See the release page for changes, macOS and Linux downloads and source code.
Unzip the d1x-redux / d2x-redux archive into a folder of your choosing.

For d1x-redux, add the descent.hog and descent.pig files from your Descent 1 installation. If you have no sound, add this addon file.

For d2x-redux, add the .hog, .ham, .s22, .pig and .mvl files from your Descent 2 installation.
For more information, see the dxx-redux project on github.
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